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Our Products

At MMWS, we intend on making your job easier.  All orders are manufactured in our facility to your specifications.  This gives us total control and confidence that your doors, drawers, or drawer fronts will find you with exceptional quality.

We believe strongly in using only the highest quality materials for your orders.  Every piece is hand selected and matched to further minimize defects and inconsistencies in color and grain.  We also build our products in a moisture-controlled environment for better stability and to limit size variation once your order reaches you.  By checking out our selection of styles, profiles, and available species, you’ll find that you’re all but limited! 

Lead Times
Current lead-times change on a daily basis due to order volumes and time of year.  An approximate lead-time will be given at the time your order is placed.  Typically, all standard orders are filled in 7-10 business days.  An additional 5-10 business days are expected for custom door or profile matching orders.  All orders can be picked up at the facility, shipped UPS, Fed-Ex Ground, or common carrier.  We also offer a ‘quick build’ program.  All orders placed in this program will be completed in 3-5 business days.  There is an increase in cost of 20% for orders in this program due to scheduling, but it is available for very tight time frames.   Note that the 3-5 business days is for production only.   Please allow time in your schedule for adequate delivery or pick up. 

All products are manufactured in house and we stand behind the quality of our work 100%.  Warranty for all products is one year from delivery.  Due to the natural characteristics of wood, minor defects such as mineral streaks, small pin sized knots, and slight discoloration will be tolerable.  Doors wider than 30” and taller than 48” without a dividing rail shall carry no warranty.

Unless specifically instructed, all doors, drawers, and fronts will be assembled using standard methods and standard width materials.  These thickness and dimensions are listed on the order sheet.